Warranty & Returns

1. Warranty

All of our products have a 1 year warranty (one year). If the customer experiences any problems while using the product the customer can contact us at any time for support where we will try to resolve the customer's issue as quickly as possible. This warranty is given to the original purchaser and valid throughout the warranty period. If a hardware defect arises within the warranty period, we will repair the product at no charge or exchange the product with a product that is new or is at least functionally equivalent to the original product.

If the product was handled fairly and as outlined in the accommpanying user manual and it stopped to function, we will replace it. The return shipping and handling expenses are paid by the customer.

A RMA is required for the returned product under warranty. The same conditions apply as stated under Product Returns unless indicated otherwise.

Under warranty the product will be serviced for free, without any Service or Replacement Parts cost to the customer. The customer is responsible for initial shipping charges. Return shipping (Standard Shipping) will be covered by us. Express shipping can be requested by the customer at an additional charge.

If the received device is damaged or defective or missing any of its accessories, if proper handling and maintenance instructions were not followed the warranty will not be valid and costs will need to be covered by the customer for the repair of the damaged item and for the shipping and handling expenses. Such items may be subject to a restocking fee.

The product will fall under warranty, if it has developed a problem out of its normal operating parameters and satisfies the following conditions:

  • The product is still under the warranty period
  • The product has been handled properly and according to provided usage instructions
  • The product has been maintained and stored as per instruction provided in the manual

The warranty will not cover:

  • Misuse of the product, not following the instructions provided and outlined in the accompanying manual
  • Water damage, Fire damage, Lightning damage, or other damages resulting from natural phenomenons
  • Any other improper handling of the device that would result in damage to the device from the user
  • Using improper, unsupported and/or faulty third-party accessories resulting in damage to the product

Please note: The product is the customer's responsibility until our service center receives it. We strongly recommend the product be thoroughly packed, in its original packaging, and shipped with trackable (registered) mail. We will not be responsible for damage during transport or lost shipments.
If after 14 days from the completed service and our last contact attempt the customer does not respond to or cover any additional services agreed upon beforehand additional storage fees may apply. If we do not hear from the customer in 90 days, it will be considered abandoned and may be scrapped and disposed of on our part.

2. Product Returns

Returns are accepted within 14 days after the product has been received. The customer must during that period send a written e-mail requesting the return of the product before sending the package back to us to recieve a valid RMA number and any additional instructions and documentation for the safe return of the product.

Issued RMA's are valid for 10 days only and the product must be shipped for return in that time frame. The RMA's cannot be extended or reissued.

Products returned without a RMA number will be rejected and returned to the customer at their expense without being processed. The customer is responsible for the item until it is delivered back to our return center and must be returned in full-working order, unused and undamaged. The customer is responsible for the return costs.

The item must be returned in its original packaging with all the included accessories and in an undamaged state. Any product can be tried to a resonable degree, but must remain unused for its purpose. When requesting a Refund the items must be in full-working order without scratches or any usage marks, in the same condition as when they were received. Any damages to the product, extensive use beyond a resonable degree of use or other visual marks or torn, missing or damaged accessories, badly and poorly packaged returned items may be subject to a restocking fee and will prevent us from issuing a full refund to the customer or in severe cases declining of the return.

In addition the product is considered used for its purpose or beyond a resonable degree when more than 30 Pictures (where applicable) have been taken or more than 10 minutes of calls in total have been made on the product in question. After exceeding those limits a return may be rejected or a restocing fee will apply.

Shipping & handling costs from the initial order are non-refundable.

Customers are responsible for shipping charges and any risk of loss on all return shipments. It is recommended that the return shipments be returned with traceable (registered) shipping and safely packed as the return item is the customers responsibility until we receive it at our return center. We shall not be liable for shipments lost during transport.

3. Out of Warranty Service

In the case of Out of Warranty service a service fee will be required to be covered for labor time and replacement parts. The invoice will have to be paid before the product is serviced. If the bill is not paid in-full and before its due-date the product will be returned to the customer without repair and to the customers cost. If we do not hear from the customer in 30 days since the receipt of the product, it will be considered abandoned and may be scrapped and disposed of on our part.

Please note: The minimum assessment & handling fee will be applied to all returned products for out of warranty repair.

A RMA number is required as stated under the Warranty section, please contact us to receive it. The RMA number is used to insure proper tracking of received materials. Shippments arriving at our service center which do not include a RMA number will not be accepted.

4. Order Cancellation

An order can be requested to be Cancelled at any time up until it has been Shipped. Please contact us with your request by stating your order number and cancellation reason as soon as possible. After the order has been Shipped a Cancellation is no longer possible or additional fees may arise for services already rendered, such as shipping & following return shipping costs, customs costs and other. Any outstanding offers associated with the Cancelled order are voided and any resulting costs must be covered as stated.

5. Refunds

Refunds will be returned to the same form of payment used by the customer when placing the order. Any applicable policies outlined above apply. Shipping & Handling fees are not refundable for any returned product, including undeliverable shipments, abandoned or deliveries that are refused in instances where the customer is unwilling to cover any applicable taxes, customs duties or any that result in the return of the shipment back to the sender. Any additional costs arising from the returned shipment will be deducted from the refund. Any products received will be treated as returns and will be subject to the same policies as outlined.