SX-PRO Professional Earpiece
The Best New generation Professional ready-to-go Wireless Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Kit in the world taking your discrete communication with your helper to the next level.
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SPY Earpiece is First Professional Wireless Bluetooth Hidden Invisible Earpiece Communication kit for taking your secret communication to the next level


Invisible SX PRO Professional Spy Earpiece Headset

Personal Wireless Communication Device

The world's first completely unnoticeable and compact SPY Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece communication device taking your communication with your helper to the next level. Be in-touch with your team of helpers, assistants and advisors without being noticed during an Exam, Presentation or a Live Event. Call, Communicate and Playback any pre-recorded material with ease through the Wireless Earpieces and Bluetooth being unnoticeable the entire time. It is perfect for limitless communication or self-help. With the two Control Buttons you have complete control over the SX PRO being able to Answer or Initiate Calls, Speak or Signal your helper on the other end using Two distinct tones for quick and unnoticeable communication and Navigate through your personal collection of Pre-Recorded material giving you full control to Play, Pause, Rewind or Jump through your recordings.

Spy Earpiece for Exam cheat or covert communication with your helper pass exams professional

The Compact Design that will fit into any pocket and the included attachment strap make the SX-PRO easy to conceal in any kind of circumstance and no matter what you may be wearing. The Built-in durable Rechargeable Battery gives you a long battery-life and can easily be charged anywhere through the standard USB port.


The High-Quality Audio will make Communication or Playback of your personal pre-recorded material or Audio Books a pleasure to listen to, as it is especially optimized for quality Voice Communication using our specialized Earpieces. A wide variety of Earpieces can be used with the SX-PRO, from the smallest to the largest - all of our Passive and Active Earpieces are compatible with it and the Powerful and High Quality Adjustable Audio Modes in our SX-PRO will ensure high-quality sound for every situation.


Full Unnoticeable Control of the SX-PRO through using only the Two Small Control Buttons that you can hide in your shoes makes the SX-PRO completely invisible and unnoticeable to others while you communicate freely with your helper or team behind the scenes. By using the Two Control Buttons you can Place a Call, Answer a Call, Signal your helper using the Distinct Two-Tone Signal Button to quickly communicate without needing to speak, Play, Pause, Rewind and Jump through your Pre-Recorded material on your mobile phone. All of that is possible without giving yourself away as it is completely unnoticeable to others.


Pair your SX PRO with your mobile phone through Bluetooth to unleash long-distance communication and give it access to your Pre-Recorded material on your mobile phone, or connect it with an external Audio Player using the built-in Audio Jack. The SX PRO is compatible will all brands of mobile phones or other devices that support Bluetooth. It will work seamlessly with any iOS, Android or any other smart-phone or tablet.


How to Fit & Wear

how to cheat on exam with spy earpiece



SX PRO a Professional Headset for Completely Hidden Discrete Communication & Assistance, such as


 Exam cheat, spy earpiece, Public Speaking, Speeches, Presentations, Journalists, Private Detectives and any other Hidden Covert Communication

SX PRO Everything that you need in one small device!

SX PRO offers Bluetooth Connection, Wireless Earpieces, a Tiny High-Gain Microphone, Hidden Control Buttons allowing to Place Invisible Unnoticeable Calls, Play Audio Recordings Music, AUX Input and much more.

Multi-Function Hidden Control Buttons

Spy earpiece Left & Right Hidden Control & Signal Buttons for exam chear and cover communication

Unnoticeable Hidden Control Signal Buttons Functions & Features

invisible exam cheat equipment


By using the Two Control Buttons you can Place a Call, Answer a Call, Signal your helper using the Distinct Two-Tone Signal Button to quickly communicate without needing to speak, Play, Pause, Rewind and Jump through your Pre-Recorded material on your mobile phone. All of that is possible without giving yourself away as it is completely unnoticeable to others.


How does it all Work?

It’s so simple and easy to use in just 4 steps!


Pair it to you Mobile Phone or any other Bluetooth compatible device
Fit the Invisible Earpiece in your ear and Attach the Mult-Function Control Buttons underneath your toe.
Hide the highly sensitive microphone under your clothes, where it can pick up even the faintest of whispers.
Now Call your Helper to Communicate seamlessly and receive assistance without anyone noticing!

SX PRO communicate with Helper Invisibly, gives Full Two-Way Communication, No Distance Limit, Uses Mobile Network, Invisible to others, High-Gain Microphone, Hidden Multi-function Control Buttons
Both parties can hear, speak & send secret messages! The Invisible Spy Earpiece gives complete freedom of 2-way communication between your Helper or Assistant and you. Through the Earpiece you are able to hear Guidance and Advice, while on the other side communication is just as clear if you whisper, if someone is speaking to you or if quickly communicating by using the two distinct Signal-Beep-Tones. Using it is simple, just like any other Hands-Free or Bluetooth device. To start your Secret Communication all you need to do is to fit the Earpieces inside the ear, attach the Two Multi-Functional Control Buttons, Pair your SX PRO with your Mobile Phone and then Place or Recieve a Call from your Helper or Assistant, and you can begin your completely unnoticeable and invisible Communication that is undetectable to anyone else around you!


Invisible Earpieces How do they look when Fitted in the ear?

  spy earpiece invisible wireless headset for exam cheating
Take the SPY Wireless Earpiece and orient it as shown, insertion and removal is very simple and quick, insert it in a blink of an eye and removal is just as fast with the included Removal Tool.
Insert the SPY Earpiece gently into the ear, because of its black color it is completely invisible once placed inside the ear, as it does not reflect any light from its surroundings. It needs to be inserted a few millimeters deep to hide completely inside the ear canal.
This is how the ear looks once the SPY Earpiece is fully fitted. It is completely invisible inside the ear, without any cables, batteries and it is completely safe to use, as it is especially made out of a single piece of durable magnetic material.

Removing an earpieces is very easy. It only takes a second!

spy earpiece wireless exam equipment removal tool
Take the included Removal Tool and slowly bring it close to the ear.
The Magnetic Earpiece will snap-on to the Removal Tool.
Finished! That is how an Earpiece is quickly and safely removed from the ear.

How do the Invisible Spy Earpieces work?

The Earpieces are completely invisible magnetic earbuds that fit in your ear and are completely hidden & unnoticable. The Magnetic Invisible Earpiece requires No Battery! — they are passive recievers that reproduce the Voice & Audio which you can then hear in your ears, they also receive power through the Neck-Loop, so no extra batteries are needed. Our Earpieces are very small, compact and descreet, while communicating they cannot be heard by anyone else but yourself even if they are right next to you. The SX PRO comes with a variety of the Earpieces already included which can be used for any situation that you may encounter. You will receive our Quality Premium, Standard & Micro Wireless Earpieces giving you the best Wireless & Hidden Listening experience. The Earpieces are maintenance-free and can even be washed under water


.Premium, Standard & Micro Quality Hidden Wireless Spy Earpieces included with SX PRO



Premium Spy Earpiece Higher & Clearer Volume, our Micro SPY Earpiece is the Smallest in the World. Includes easy Earpiece Removal Tool for each Wireless SPY Earpiece


AUX-INPUT Connect your MP3 Player or any Audio device to SX PRO


Additional AUX Input connector to easily connect external MP3 Audio Players to SX PRO

If you do not have Bluetooth available you can connect your own MP3 Player or any other multimedia device through the Stereo Connector and begin listening to your Recorded Material through the SX PRO. Immediately have the hidden & invisible communication of your SX PRO at your disposal anywhere and any time.


Package Contents

SX PRO Spy Bluetooth Wireless Exam Hidden Communication Earpiece kit Package Contents - What is in the Box

  • 1 xSX-PRO Professional Bluetooth Headset unit
  • 1 xPremium Earpiece
  • 1 xStandard Earpiece
  • 1 xMicro Earpiece
  • 1 xEarpiece Removal Tool
  • 1 xHidden Attachment Strap for SX-PRO
  • 1 xTwo Navigational & Control Buttons
  • 1 xSmall High-Gain Microphone
  • 1 xNeck-Loop
  • 1 xMicro-USB Charging Cable
  • 1 xQuick Instruction Manual


Size 45x90x12 millimeters
Color Black
Battery Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Battery Life up-to 6 hours (on full-charge & depending on use)
Charging Micro-USB connector
Charging Time 1-2 hours to reach full-charge (Recommended 5V/1A Wall Charger)
Connectivity via Bluetooth

Supports Bluetooth V4.0

Supported profiles:
Hands-free, A2DP, AVRCP
Input Audio AUX Input for external Audio Player*

*Advanced navigation & control through Control Buttons not available in this mode
Audio Optimized High-Quality Audio Codec

Optimized for Voice-Communication
Range 10 meter Bluetooth range to paired device

No Distance Limit while On-Call through Mobile Phone
Control Buttons Completely Silent, Rubber-based, Rugged Control Buttons

approx. 130 cm Cable length
Microphone Tiny High-Gain Microphone with Adaptive Gain

approx. 130 cm Cable length
Earpiece Support Compatible with all of our Earpieces

Premium, Standard, Micro & Active Earpiece (using ACTIVE EARPIECE MODE)
Platform Support Supports all modern Android, iOS & other devices with proper Bluetooth support
Warranty 1 Year