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Invisible Audio Earpiece MP3 solo set + MP3

with Mini MP3 player for invisible listening your speech!

This is a professional ready-to-go wireless spy earpiece kit that allows you to listen sound in the most discreet way ever. It comes with the Two smallest earpiece available in the world. With MP3 SOLO SET + MP3 player you can secretly listen to included mini MP3 player ( Music, recordings, radio... ) or you can also connect it to any other audio players as the device has a 90° 3.5mm stereo jack connector. With two mini ear receivers you can hear your recorded speech literature on MP3 player or any other audio device. Nobody will ever notice that you have an ear piece even by looking directly at your ear from a close distance. Thanks for professional technology nobody can't ever hear any sound produced by the ear piece from the outside. This is a professional device made in EUROPE. This device is very easy and safe for use.

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How it works?

It’s so simple and easy to use in just 4 steps!

Record your speech and connect stereo 3,5mm jack to included mini MP3 player.

Put the invisible wireless earpiece in your ears

Hide earpiece module in your pocket and mini MP3 player under your sleeve, around the wrist with a included velcro bracelet.

Now you can listen your recorded speech, without anybody knowing!


How to wear?

Invisible wireless earpiece is just 6x6mm in size and can not be seen even at close distance. It has no wires, no batteries and gets fully hidden inside the ear. They are absolutely undetectable and invisible to others! Removing the earpiece is easy with the included removal tool.
Hide Mini MP3 player under your sleeve, around the wrist with a included velcro bracelet, on this player you have recorded your speech literature.
The Earpiece Module is so small that you can hide it anywhere - in your pocket. It is made with high quality electronics SMD material and filter for undetected use. Module has also On/Off power switch for operation.
Audio Input Stereo Connector it is 90° with 1,5m thiny coax cable. You can connect included MP3 player or any other audio device with this Stereo Connector like a set of regular headphones and start listening to your Recorded Material through the Invisible Earpiece Set. 

Stereo connector - Use your own MP3 player for invisible listening

You can also connect your own MP3 player or any other audio device with this Stereo Connector and start listening to your Recorded Material through the Invisible Earpiece Set. The Stereo Connector can be connected anywhere and used like a set of regular headphones, once connected enjoy your listening through the Invisible Earpieces. This set comes with a 90° stereo connector jack for a more comfortable attachment under your sleeve - Different from the MP3 SOLO SET, whose only difference is that it comes with a straight connector instead.

Play, Pause and Rewind with the Invisible Mini MP3 player

Listen to your recorded material completely invisibly with the Invisible Mini MP3 Player tucked right beneath your sleeve. With a gentle touch of a button you can play, pause, stop, rewind and fast forward the material you are listening to through the Invisible Earpiece Set. Secure it easily with the included velcro strap for easy attachment.

They are 100% invisible in your ears!

Take the wireless Earpiece and orient it as shown in the picture, insertion and removal is very simple and quick, insert it in a blink of an eye and removal is just as fast with the included Removal Tool.
Insert the Earpiece gently into the ear, because the Earpiece is black it is completely invisible once in your ear as it does not reflect any light from its surroundings. It needs to be inserted a few millimeters deep, so it hides into the ear canal.
This is how your ear looks once the Earpiece is fully inserted, as you can see it is completely invisible in the ear, without any cables, batteries and it is completely safe to use, as it is especially made out of a single piece of durable magnetic material.

Removing earpieces is very easy. It only takes a second!

Take the included Magnetic Removal Tool and slowly bring it close to the ear.
The Magnetic Earpiece will snap-on to the Removal Tool.
Finished! That is how you can quickly and safely remove the Earpiece from the ear.

How Earpieces work?

Earpieces are completely invisible magnetic receivers and fit in your ear and are completely unnoticable. The Magnetic Spy Earpiece requires No Battery! – they are passive recievers that reproduce audio and get power through the inductive neck loop. They are a strong passive magnet, receiving the audio signal through magnetic vibration from the neck loop that acts as a transmitter and do not require any battery. The micro earpiece, once it is in your ear, cannot be heard by anyone else but you. The Micro Earpieces are also waterproof thus are easily cleaned under running water!

All what you need for covert listening your speech!


Recording your speech literature with FREE Download Software

Here you can download a completely free program to record your voice literature. By using this program you can easily record, edit and save your audio files to mp3 format, then transfer mp3 audio files to mini MP3 player and you can start to listen your voice literature completely invisible to others!

Our Smart advice befor recording!
Always use an external microphone, speak slowly and clearly, with such a speed that you can write all of the words on your exam. At the beginning of the recording you always have to read the title of your literature, so that you can easily search preferred literature at mini MP3 player. Recorda series of short clips after search.

Click Hear and Download Audacity recording program:

PC Download or MAC Download


  • Earpiece Module
  • Invisible Standard Earpieces 2 PCS for left and right ear
  • Earpiece removal tool
  • Neck Loop
  • mini MP3 player
  • 8GB micro SD card for MP3 player
  • SD memory card addapter from MICRO SD to SD memory card
  • Stereo Audio 3,5mm connector jack 90° ( Audio Input for mini Mp3 player)
  • Instructions for use, Manuals
  • 1 year warranty
Unit dimensions, WxHxD module: 35x55x13mm
Earpiece dimensions size 6x6mm
Battery 9V battery
Battery life up to 20 hours listening time
Battery life on stand by no limit
Mp3 Player 8GB included micro SD card - connection USB 2.0 or more
Frequency Range

Earphone 200Hz ~ 5400Hz

Audio Input Stereo connector jack 3,5mm for your MP3 player or any audio device that you want to listen to in invisible earpiece set.

Module: Black/Green

Earpiece: Black (For complete invisibility in ears)

Package Size / Weight Carton box: 310x215x40mm 190 grams
Warranty 1 Year
Bluetooth BT-SET
Bluetooth SX-SET
Invisible Earpiece HD Camera
Bluetooth Distance
up-to 15m
up-to 15m
Colleague Helper Distance
High-Gain microphone
Audio Input
Signal Button
Volume Controls
Power Switch
Built-In Rechargable Battery
External Batteries
HD Camera
Built-In Mobile
Built-In MP3 Player
Included MP3 Player
Internal Memory Storage 8GB
Standard Earpiece
Premium Earpiece
Earpiece Removal Tool
Multi-Function Buttons
USB Connectivity
Battery Life
up-to 10h
up-to 10h
up-to 10h
up-to 5h
Battery Stand-By
up-to 300h
up-to 300h
up-to 15h