Active Earpiece
Wireless Earpiece for High Quality & Clear Sound in Louder environments and is Louder than any other Earpiece.

Invisible Active Earpiece

Active Earpiece is able to provide the highest possible Sound Quality & Volume while you are communicating with your partner, it is comparable to wearing a pair of headphones, but it is very small and invisible. It can therefore be used in very loud environments and in any kind of situation without affecting clarity of communication.


The Active Earpiece can be used and is compatible with all of our products. It can be used with the Invisible HD Camera & SX PRO. The Earpiece uses a small coin battery for power which can easily be replaced at any time. It lasts approximately 4-to-8 hours before the battery needs to be replaced, depending on its use.


Notice: These earpieces are an accessory to our different models, and the package only includes earpiece without the module neckloop, microphone. These have to be ordered separately.




Earpiece dimensions size 10x7x6mm
Battery 379 Standard Watch Battery
Battery Life Approximately 4-8 hours (depends on quality of battery & listening material)
Frequency Range 200Hz ~ 8kHz
Color Earpiece: Black (For complete invisibility in-ear)
Volume Highest Volume & Clarity, 0-80dBA
Compatible with Invisible HD Camera & SX-PRO
Material Plasic
Package Size / Weight Plastic box: 45x45x45mm 35 grams
Warranty 1 Year